Community Outreach Serving 
Through transformational practices that holistically address the needs of the community, City Cathedral walks alongside individuals and families, together breaking the cycle of poverty by working towards reconciliation, justice, and renewal. 
Our community members- and faith-based organization relies on volunteers and financial partners to sustain our presence in The community.
Social Enterprise Program 
The Social Enterprise program has exciting possibilities on the horizon. From our perspective, among the many barriers to transitioning out of homelessness is the persistent need to find gainful and sustainable employment. However, living in homelessness makes it very difficult to cultivate the skills and experience necessary to get back into the job markets. By forming our Social Enterprise programming, we create opportunities for homeless individuals to develop the skills and experience needed to support sustainable transformation through the practices of community-based economic development.
Our current project is in development through a partnership with City Connection Cafe and Student Study Center, a company that has helped at-risk and college students  gain skills and experience through an intensive program of training and mentorship. Our partnership with the City Connection Cafe and Student Study Center consist of the exchange of training and personnel resources, equipment, and supplies, while drawing on mentors and community members from our own community to work within the program itself.
Our hope is that cultivating a community-based, socially concerned coffee cafe and student study center will be one way to help to ease the pressures of gentrification in our community, by providing local organizations and businesses (e.g., members of the growing Arts and University District) an opportunity to support a more participatory local development that incorporates people in our city as an integral part of the community through a socially conscious and community-based coffee student center.
Health & Wellness
This ministry offers a myriad of services that promote health and prevent diseases.  These include:
  • Medical screenings for high blood pressure and diabetes
  • Health Fairs and events that promote awareness of health issues
  • Bootcamps and Exercise Classes with professional trained and certified trainers

Physical exercise is an important component towards achieving and maintaining a healthy body and mind.  

It is God's command that your whole spirit and soul and body be kept blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. 1 Thessalonians 5:23

Disaster Recovery Services

We provide response coordination and short-term and long-term recovery services to individuals and families dealing with the aftermath of natural disasters like hurricanes, floods and other catastrophes.

Since Harvey's record-breaking waters impacted our city, thousands of homes and lives have been turned upside down. God has used us to help piece lives back together one home rebuild at a time. 

Since the storm, we have mobilized over 5,000 volunteers to help nearly 25,000 individuals families impacted by Harvey. Our teams have fully completed rebuilding homes, and currently in the rebuild process, and we're still hard at work.

Hunger Program
The Hunger Program is helping to develop a grassroots movement to combat hunger and poverty. We collaborate with local agencies, organizations, and citizens by providing nutritious meals and hospitality to thousands in our community, while raising awareness of hunger and food insecurity. Everyone is welcome! 
Student Program
The Student Program strives to create a vibrant campus environment which ignites individual student growth while also fostering a strong, tight-knit community.  It is our goal to assist students in developing their full potential as leaders in the Church and community. The Student Program is guided by five key values: Community, Development of the Whole Person, Embracing Difference, Authentic Relationships, and Leadership. 
We provide free parking to College Students weekly. 

Want to help?

City Cathedral walks alongside individuals and families in the community, together breaking the cycle of poverty by working towards reconciliation, justice, and renewal. You can help! Please consider volunteering with our organization or making a financial donation. Every little bit helps.