We are happy indeed to welcome you as friends and members of the City Cathedral Church.   We like to feel that our Church Campus is full of love and the Members of the City Cathedral Church will help us to radiate that love more.  The City Cathedral Church is a great Church.   We like to feel that the City Cathedral Church is more than a place of worship but an environment of friendship, fellowship, fun and family.  A Church that is not judged by its size but by its spirit.  It is not gauged by its wealth but by its willingness to fulfill God’s will.  In that sense we lay claim to be a great Church.   The City Cathedral Church is what it is today because of those who went before us.  Indeed, we all are what we are, because of our fore bearers in the faith whose blood-marked trail begins at Calvary, and continues even until now.  One of the greatest chapters in the New Testament is Hebrew 11.

Here at the City Cathedral Church as the Good News of Christ is proclaimed, you will find peace, the peace of God that comes through the assurance of His forgiveness of sin.  There is joy and love here, the joy, and love that comes from the certainty, that you are on your way home to the Father, through the Ministry of fellowship, worship, and service with those of like faith. God’s power is present here, and is so strong that you can feel his power when you place your feet on these Holy grounds,hear practical teaching that deals with life issues from the Word of God.

It is our sincere hope that you will feel at home and part of the family of the City Cathedral  Church “Where we are Launching in the Word, in Witness, in Worship and in Wealth”.  You are also welcome to stop by our Business Office for a complete grand tour of the many facilities designed for men, women and children here at the City Cathedral Campus.  My wife and I would like to personally shake your hand after each service.  We look forward to your actively participating in the Ministry here, as you continue to grow in the truth, knowledge, and the wisdom of God.  If you will give First Lady & me six months, I promise that your life will never be the same spiritually, financially, professionally, in all areas.  

May God continue to bless you, and keep you in his care.  Remember, We are One Church with Multiple Locations.

Grace and Peace

Bishop Leroy J. Woodard Jr., Senior Pastor